Why Choose Us

    A law firm with 30+ Years Combined experience enforcing the rights of consumers.

    Facing overwhelming debt or a lawsuit for an unpaid credit card debt. Getting your car repossessed. Having your Identity Stolen. These situations can be incredibly stressful but we can handle this together.


    Matt, Brian, and Phil take a collaborative approach to each single one of their cases in ways other firms don’t.  By combining the experience of multiple lawyers, they find innovative and effective strategies that a single lawyer may not.  Rest assured when you hire Consumer Justice Law Center, you are hiring one of the most experienced teams in the county.

    What makes us different

    Plenty of firms claim that they offer personalized and exceptional service and will treat you like “family” and call you back promptly. We don’t just say that, it is what we do.  From defending a consumer in a credit card lawsuit to helping a victim of identity theft restore their reputation, we work side-by-side with each client towards an ideal resolution.

    We Tell Your Story

    To truly get to know our clients, we recognize the importance in maintaining a consistent line of communication with our clients.  Without doing this, we could never fully understand our client’s experience.  We pride ourselves in getting to know each one of our clients so that, if necessary, we can effectively tell their story in front of a judge and jury at trial one day.

    Most cases will not need to go to trial and will settle.  As part of our settlement strategy, we sit down with each client to learn about their individual circumstances including, when appropriate, how their quality of life has been affected. Our objective is to acquire the necessary details so we can portray our clients in the most favorable light and position them for an optimal outcome.

    Our Promise to You

    You should be nervous if any attorney or law firm promises you a projected outcome.  Some lawyers may attempt to gain your confidence by telling you what you want to hear—most often, that they can win your case. The truth is that such promises are dangerous and may not be easily kept.

    We never promise anything we can’t deliver. Instead, we choose to make promises we can keep.

    When you hire Consumer Justice Law Center, YOU WILL NOT get handed off to support staff rather, you actually get Matt, Phil, or Brian as your attorneys.  Although we rely on our time of highly trained staff to handle many aspects involved in the work up of each case, an attorney will always be directly involved in handling all of the legal decisions concerning your case.

    We promise to get back to you promptly and to be there for you. If we make an appointment with you, expect us to keep it.

    You have our commitment that we will give everything we have to pursue the best possible result for you.

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