Auto Fraud / Odometer Fraud

    Were you the victim of auto fraud by a dealership or auto broker? Were representations made during your purchase that were not accurate? Were you sold a car that does not work right – a lemon? We can help you make things right. We can help you correct these wrongs by making the wrongdoers take responsibility and appropriately compensate you.

    Automobile fraud involves numerous different practices

    State lemon laws and other warranty laws provide legal remedies to many consumer scenarios involving used automobile purchases and transfers. However there are many situations where alternative consumer protection laws are used to help people complaining of auto fraud. Auto fraud is comprised of a broad range of fraudulent practices and may involve several responsible parties. Typical forms of consumer auto fraud may include:

    • Fraud/misrepresentation – The vehicle as sold is not as described; damage may have been concealed; damage may have been known to exist but was not disclosed at the time of sale; the vehicle was previously involved in an accident;
    • Odometer rollback fraud – This occurs when the vehicle’s odometer is manually rolled back so as to inaccurately reflect the actual mileage on a vehicle.
    • Salvaged title – Failure to disclose a vehicle has a salvage title.
    • Deferred down payment – This occurs when the down payment amount provided by a dealership is broken up into payments, however this payment arrangement is not disclosed on the sales contract at the time of signing. To aid in the qualification for financing, the down payment is reported to the finance company as “paid” when it has not yet been paid in full.
    • California’s “Lemon Law” – Covers both new and used vehicles that are still under manufacturer’s warranty. An automaker / dealership must make a “reasonable” number of attempts to repair a vehicle before you have a possible claim. If successful the manufacturer may be required to buy-back your vehicle or replace the vehicle.
    • Bait and switch / False advertising – This occurs when after you view the advertisement the dealer or seller switches you to a different vehicle other than what was advertised.

    Hiring any attorney may not cost you any money upfront

    In cases involving odometer tampering or other fraudulent auto sales practices, state and federal law may require that the wrongdoer pay for your attorneys fees and costs. Essentially, we can accept your case without you paying any upfront and out-of-pocket by forcing the wrongdoer to pay for your attorneys fees and costs.

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