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    Have you been devastated by payday loans and personal loans? We can help you!

    Payday loans and personal loans are unsecured loans often viewed by consumers as short-term solutions to help them get out of tough financial situations. The interest rates of payday loans and personal loans are high but that is the trade-off to get cash quickly.

    Payday lenders target financially vulnerable borrowers and lend them money at extremely high interest rates. Unfortunately, consumers sometimes get caught up in the spiral of re-borrowing and taking out simultaneous loans when they are unable to pay off the loans. This vicious cycle can be undone with some legal strategic planning.

    Solutions to your payday loan and personal loan debt.

    The Consumer Justice Law Center can help you devise a tailored strategy to resolve your payday loan debt. Some options include the following:

    • Bankruptcy – Chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy may protect you from collection efforts, lawsuits, wage garnishments, and bank levies.
    • Debt lawsuit defense – If you are being sued by a payday loan or personal loan company, we can defend you and position you for an ideal resolution.
    • Debt collection harassment litigation – If payday lenders violate debt collection laws, you can pursue monetary damages and potentially negotiate loan forgiveness.
    • Cease and Desist letters – Prepare and send cease and desist letters to immediately stop the payday lender and/or its agents from contacting you.
    • Challenge Excessive Interest Rates – Where payday lenders are charging usury rates beyond what the law allows, you may be entitled to legal remedies which may include interest paid above these limits, as well as treble damages (monetary damages 3 times the amount of your compensatory damages) and attorneys fees.

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    If you obtained a payday loan and suspect you were charged excessive and illegal fees, contact us and share your story.

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