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    Class action lawsuits help level the playing field for consumers who have been treated unfairly by businesses. When a business defrauds consumers or engages in unfair business practices, each individual consumer may suffer relatively small losses. As such, it may be impractical or impossible for a consumer to fight back. A consumer class lawsuit helps those consumers unify and pursue one large claim for damages suffered by all members of the class.

    Class actions are complicated and requires a tremendous amount of resources many law firms are not equipped to handle. In fact, before a court will certify a case as a class action, the court will determine whether the attorney or law firm has the necessary skills and experience to effectively represent the class.

    The attorneys at the Consumer Justice Law Center have handled numerous class action lawsuits, including those involving:

    • Debt collection phone calls made to consumers without their consent
    • Automatic renewal of online services, subscriptions, and other online transactions without providing a consumer with proper notice, including providing the automatic renewal terms in a “clear and conspicuous manner”
    • Failing to provide a consumer with a contract for good or services in the language in which the contract was negotiated.
    • Businesses placing marketing phone calls to a consumer’s cell phone without acquiring the appropriate consent
    • Disclosing more than the last five digits of a consumer’s credit or debt card number on the sales receipt;
    • Employers misclassifying their employees as independent contractors
    • Employers who violated state wage and hour laws

    The key in class actions is establishing that the business has violated the law in a manner that caused similar harm to a large number of consumers.

    If you are a consumer who has been harmed by unfair or deceptive business practices, we want to hear your story.

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