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    I was looking for advice about a credit card debt situation I got myself into. I was scared and had no idea how to respond to the forms I was given. It’s very intimidating to be told by a court document you must respond within 30 days. I found Matthew Loker thru an online search. I went into the office on my lunch break and just the 20 or so minutes I spent that first day made me feel at ease. He explained the process so clear and made me less nervous. At our first official meeting he explained the steps he would take with my specific case. With Matthew’s guidance and explanation I was able to notice that the particular debt collection company that had my case was doing things that were wrong. I let Matt know and he was all over it. He was able to turn me into a plaintiff instead of me being on the defense. Today, I’m settling this particular debt. It is being cleared from my credit report($6000) and I’m actually getting settlement money. $2500 to be exact. With all the fees covered as well. I couldn’t be happier with my experience and would recommend Matthew Loker to anyone facing overwhelming debt collection difficulties.

    Brandi M.

    Matt’s passion for this field of work shows with how involved he is with starting his own firm, teaching law, and being a parent. I was involved with a mismatch information that led to a wrongful garnishment and money was taken from my bank account by debt collectors. As I am a young person with little experience in how to handle these cases the best legal way, Matt reached out to me and guided me on every step. He is very approachable, knowledgeable, and you always feel that he is going to help you get through whatever your trouble you are in. Very professional and very prompt, he is fair, and I highly recommend reaching out to Matt.

    Kyle C.

    Phil defended a suit brought against me by an established collection company. He takes his caseload seriously and was prepared for trial. On the day of trial, the plaintiffs dismissed the suit. A total victory. I would confidently use Phil again, as well as refer him to friends and family. He is professional, courteous and respectful. More importantly, he is thoughtful and strategic in battle.


    In my time of need, Matt Loker helped me ease my anxiety and calm my nerves during my case. He approached the case calmly and confidently. He was very professional and helped you feel a sense of security and hope. He helped me get out of my situation with ease and it resulted in a win. I highly recommend!!!

    Bill B.

    I had an amazing experience with BLP. They thoroughly understood the concerns with my case and helped me navigate the process with ease. They were there to guide me throughout the whole process, and no matter how many questions I had, or how many times I contacted them, they would always properly provide me the information I was looking for. This is a great company and I highly recommend!

    Mark M

    We are most appreciative of Brian Soohoo and Bianca’s help with our case. The professional help we’ve received from this law firm has been exceptional!! We want to THANK YOU for your excellent help. You were so patient and helpful with your prompt email replies. You were most helpful in making us feel at ease throughout the process and answering all of our questions expeditiously! We wish you all the best and will most definitely refer your office to all our friends, family and clients. Thank you.

    Tammy A

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